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Monday, May 16, 2011

Answer Time!

Here are the answers to the questions I got on the previous post!

Question #1: What inspired you to start a blog?

I've been blogging for awhile. Mostly blogs about things that happen in my daily life. I started watching youtube beauty guru Michelle Phan (michellephan) about a year ago and shortly after that discovered Elle and Blair (AllThatGlitters21 and JuicyStar07). I've been into make-up and beauty products for awhile but I didn't really want to start a youtube channel because I don't like the way I look or sound on camera. My friends used to always tell me that I had more tips and was more knowledgeable about make-up than anyone they knew, even though I am the least likely to wear make-up! At that point, I decided to just start a blog about beauty and products and here I am!

Question #2: What is your fav blog?

That's a really hard question because I love all the blogs I subscribe to! I always love Blair's posts though!

Question #3: What product over exceeded expectations the first time you used it and what under exceeded?

Over exceeded: Jergans Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. I'm a pretty pale person and I never tan, only burn. So I am forced to faux glow, which isn't bad since tanning is extremely bad for your skin. Most self tanners turn me orange though, or I never apply them right and end up streaky. I picked this up thinking it was just going to be another dud product that I would never finish. Nope. I never turn orange OR streaky using this product, just a nice shade of bronze. I was quite surprised!

Under exceeded: DEFINITELY Proactiv. I've bought this a couple of times between the ages of 16 and 22 and each time used it for about 6 months to give it a fair trial. I've even tried the "new and improved formula" and the extra strength formula. No go. Made my acne worse EVERY TIME. Total disappointment.

Question #4: What's your most reached for product?

That would have to be my Lypsyl Lypmoisturizer. My lips get really dry and chapped if I don't use lip balm and this is my Holy Grail of lip balms. I always have a tube in my pocket and if I forget it at home when I go somewhere, I will stop and pick up a new tube. 

Question #5: What do you do to make yourself feel better? 

I blog! Giving people advice always makes me feel better. For the same reason, I go to the forums on Sometimes I'll watch one of my favorite movies, or read a book. 

There's my answers! If anyone else has any questions, leave a comment and I'll add it to this post. Or, request another blog post! 


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  1. Boo they don't have Jergans in Oz. Am a fellow fairbear!! Have always avoided proactiv thanks for confirming that's a wise move !