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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Estee Lauder Idealist Skin Serum

I just purchased the new Estee Lauder Idealist serum! This product promises to even skintone and lighten acne marks, discoloration and redness. 62% of people saw results in two weeks. I got the 1oz bottle which was $58, so it's not cheap but if it works then I won't mind the price! Stay tuned for a review after two weeks and one after four weeks!

How it's packaged
The box is in a sleeve
The bottle is in the box

Heres a picture of both cheeks, which is where I have a lot of acne marks I'm hoping to get rid of. We'll see how it goes!



  1. Oh- Haven't seen that yet. interesting. Wonder is it out here yet?? Whats the active ingredient? I'm trialling some Vit C serum for the same thing at the mo.

  2. I actually cannot find any active ingredients for this product...weird. It was JUST released here in the states though so it probably hasn't been released in Oz yet.