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Monday, September 5, 2011

Help please?

Hey guys! So right now my skin is going through a phase or something. I don't know if it decided to time warp to my teen years and go all spazzy or what but its not cool. I've been trying different products (so I have A TON of reviews to do) but my skin is just acting weird. It's more oily, my acne scars are standing out more and I have more breakouts and just little bumps on my face. I'm not loving it.

So I have to ask you informative bunch...what products should I try to get my skin back on track? For those who are interested, heres my skinfo (totally made that word up):
Age: 24
Skin Type: Oily
Skin sensitivity: None
Skin issues: Breakouts, dullness, shininess, acne scars

So yeah. I need to do something because my skin cannot stay this way. I'm open to pretty much any suggestions, drugstore, Sephora, Ulta, etc. 

Thanks guys! More posts to come soon!



  1. Whenever I had a breakout, I would put 10% Benzoyl Peroxide on it (as in slather it on and sleep in it, and it would be completely gone, or practically gone the next day; as in there's redness, but no bump).

    Now before I go to bed or if I'm just at home, I slather it on my skin (put a layer on, wait and let it dry, put another layer on, wait and let it dry and then put another layer on) (I also put it under my moisturiser before putting my makeup on).

    I also recommend getting the 10% (not 5% or 2.5%). I went to a local chemist looking for one and the pharmacist told me that they don't stock the 10% because there aren't any difference in the results; but trust me, there are. If you can't get it from the chemist, go and get a perscription from just your local GP.

    Since applying it, I haven't broken out at all. Also, if you use it, you need a good moisturiser as it will dehydrate your skin. I recommend Proactiv Oil Free Moisturiser SPF or Clinque Moisture(?) Surge; something that is waterbased.

    For the scars, use something with Salcyic(?) Acid and gently expoliating. Eventually overtime, the scars should even out.

    And if you use a toner, make sure it doesn't contain alcohol. I stopped using one and I found out that it was making my skin break out badly.

  2. Thanks for the comment! I have used the slathering my face in benzoyl peroxide approach but I have yet to find a moisturizer to use on top that makes me skin feel moisturized, not itchy and tight and is non comedogenic. I'll give those moisturizers a go!

  3. I'm not sure about the cleanser, seeing as I am still having kinda the same issues as you :( But when I have a pimple, I always put Clean & Clear Persa Gel on it, and it dries it up pretty quick! As for moisturizer, I use Olay Active Hydrating Cream (original). It's in a jar, and it's kind of thick which I know can be scary to us oily skinned gals, but as long as you don't overdo it, it works awesome! (on me, at least). One thing I've learned is that when your face is extra oily, you don't want to moisturize as much because it seems like it makes it worse, but if you continue to use it, it will re-balance your skin (again, this is just how it works on me...) Sorry I don't have anything more to offer, I hope you get it all cleared up :)

  4. I use Mario Badescu (I get mine from Ulta) and I LOVE it. It doesn't have a lot of ingredients which means not a lot of chemicals and nastys. It's gentle on your face and the stuff really works. The drying lotion and the drying mask are AMAZING.