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Friday, May 25, 2012

Review: Clinique Clarifying Lotion Mild

I've always been a fan of Clinique's clarifying lotions. They're called lotions, but they're actually a toner that tone and exfoliate the skin. I've used the acne solution one, the one for oily skin and now the mild version. So far, I'm really liking the mild version.

The mild clarifying lotion, unlike their other lotions, is formulated without alcohol, so it is non-drying and non-irritating. As someone with acne prone skin, I know that irritation can cause an acne flare-up just as easily as not washing my face one night. It still has salicylic acid (0.5%) which I like since it does help my acne. 

The one weird thing about this product is the texture. It's not a straight up liquid like their other lotions. It's kind of between the consistency of a liquid and a serum. I would recommend applying this with a cotton round, instead of a cotton ball, since it doesn't soak in immediately. It applies very well to the skin though, and leaves it feeling moisturized but not overly greasy. It sinks in like a serum would. I also notice almost no redness using this product. My face would usually turn red for a few minutes after using the acne solutions clarifying lotion.

This product would work well with all skin types I think. It says its for dry to very dry skin types but I have oily acne prone skin and have had no problems. Its a bit pricey, at $12.50 for 6.7oz but a little goes a long way so it will last you awhile. This product is available at Clinique counters, online and wherever Clinique products are sold.

Have you tried this product? What did you think of it?


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