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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

What should be in my beach bag?

Summer is around the corner which means BEACH TIME! A day at the beach is relaxing and fun. But there are some essentials you should always bring. Here are my beach bag essentials. 

The beach bag I'm thinking of purchasing this summer is from Forever 21. Here's a pic:
Cute right? And only $18.80! My requirements for a beach bag is something sturdy but not to heavy, something that is big enough to haul my stuff but not big enough to look like I'm going to be living on the beach for a month and something easy to carry. This fits all 3. 

First, the most important thing you need, SUNBLOCK. I prefer the Neutrogena Dry Touch sunblock.
I tend to not like spray sunscreens because I burn VERY EASILY and I tend to always miss spots with sprays. Also, for a day at the beach I would recommend an SPF 50 sunblock. Contrary to popular belief, higher SPFs don't protect any better. Anything above SPF 50 is basically the same. Be sure to apply a shot glass full amount to your body and a teaspoon amount to your face. And don't forget to REAPPLY every 2 hours or after a swim or periods of excessive sweating. A tube of sunscreen should last a couple trips to the beach, not all summer.

Next is sunglasses. I recommend purchasing a pair that has UV lenses to help protect your eyes.

Next is a hat. I usually bring a broad brimmed hat so I'm more sheltered from the sun.

And of course you need a beach towel.

Next is water. I usually bring at least one bottle with me so I don't have to run right to a store or vendor to get water. Water is so important at the beach because your body gets dried out and dehydrated from sitting in the sun. I usually like to drink Smart Water at the beach.

This has electrolytes that helps replace those lost through sweating.

My hair isn't long anymore but when it was I brought leave in conditioner so I could untangle my salt water drenched hair.
I liked this because it has vitamins that are good for your hair and it smells great.

I usually also have reading materials, my iPod to listen to music or watch TV shows, my cell phone and an extra pair of flip flops (you never know when your sandal will break!). I also have money and ID.

Those are my beach bag essentials! Whats are yours? Leave me a comment and let me know or request a blog post!



  1. My beach bag essentials are pretty similar. I have to have sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, book or magazine, water, snack, ipod, chapstick.

  2. Just came across your blog - very cute! Another beach bag essential - a wide tooth comb!

  3. Thank you! I'm following your blog :)

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