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Sunday, August 7, 2011

New hair color, FOTD and Recycled Percussion!

Hey guys! So I dyed my hair Friday night because I my hair was looking to brown. My hair is naturally dark dark brown but I like dying it red. Unfortunately, red is the hardest hair color to keep in your hair so my hair gradually turns back to brown. But I dyed it again and I love it!

I got a little Tim Burton-esque hairstyle going on. But its red!

Also, last night I went to a Recycled Percussion concert! For those of you who have never heard of them, they are a "grunge rock" band. They play on recycled objects, so plastic bins, ladders, stuff like that. They also have a DJ and a guitar player. They started about 16 years ago at a high school talent show (they're from my state!) and just kept going with it. I saw one of their first shows in elementary school, then saw them in middle school and high school. My sister and I have been seeing them every year for a few years and they now have their own show in Vegas (first band to have their own show) so they are only back home once a year. They have gotten incredibly good over the years and were on Americas Got Talent and won third place! If you haven't heard them, youtube them. They are worth checking out!

On that note, heres my FOTD from last night!

I used my Bare Minerals foundation/concealer/mineral veil. Then I used a gold shadow with black eyeliner on top and purple on the bottom. Mascara was the Revlon customeyes. I used a pinky nude lip stain In The Buff by Maybelline and a pinky nude lip gloss from Wet and Wild (can't find the name).

Heres me with the members of Recycled Percussion! One of them is hiding behind the one on my left.

What do you think of my new hair color or my FOTD? Leave me a comment!


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