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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Review: Holly Doss Cosmetics

I recently discovered Holly Doss cosmetics so I placed an order for a palette containing 4 eye shadows and 2 blushes and I also bought a lip gloss. I was able to use a code to get free shipping and 30% off so that was awesome. I received my order 3 days after placing it and Holly had even included some extra items! Here's what I got:

(Volumizing mascara in Vladimir, lip gloss in Sydney, lip gloss in Brenda Kay, brush #7 Angled Pigment Brush, Campbells Soup Visual Experience face kit)

The Visual Experience face kit has three pink eye shadow colors, a black eye shadow color, and two blushes. I like this palette because its innocent and sweet but the black can be used as an eyeliner, which makes the look a little more edgy. The lighter blush color is actually a great highlight color as well, which makes the palette even more versatile. I also like to layer it over the darker blush color, just to tone it down a bit since its a tad to dark for my skin tone.


I tried to get a good pic of the colors but they're just to light! Here's a pic of the actual palette:

The shadows are quite pigmented, but also buildable. You can do a sheer wash of color or build them up to be a little more dramatic. They blend very well as well. The top two shadows have a shimmer to them, though not to much. The bottom pink is more of a satin/matte finish and the black is matte. A pretty excellent palette plus there are TONS of different color combos on the Holly Doss website so everyone can find something to suit them.

This is the lip gloss in Brenda Kay. It's a pink color which I really like.

This lip gloss looks really pink in the tube but is actually more sheer than it looks, which I like. It's just sticky enough to stick around for awhile but not so sticky that everything you walk by gets stuck in your lips.

Holly was also nice enough to send me a few free products. She sent me another lip gloss in Sydney, a volumizing mascara in Vladimir and an angled pigment brush.

This lip gloss is a pretty coppery brown shade, perfect for fall. It's the same as the pink lip gloss in regards to consistency and staying power.

I LOVE this mascara! It adds nice color and volume, practically no clumps and is water resistant. I actually wore this to work, where I am a nanny, and had water splashed in my face. I wiped my eye with the sleeve of my white shirt, completely forgetting I was wearing mascara until I had already swiped at my eye. I reluctantly look at my shirt sleeve, only to discover it was completely clean! And, there were no flakes all throughout the day.

I really like this brush to sweep a wash of color over my eyelid. The bristles are nice and soft and I've noticed no shedding as of yet.

Some pics of me wearing the make-up!

I used all the pink eye shadows on my eye, with the black as a liner. I also used the bottom blush color with the top blush color layered over it and as a highlight on my cheekbones. I am wearing the Sydney lip gloss. 

All in all, I really like what I have sampled so far. Holly Doss has many different kinds of cosmetics and they are affordable. Visit her website at and follow her on Twitter @HollyDoss. On her website, you can send her an email and include your picture and she will give you a free make-up consultation! There's also a color chart that will help you find the right colors for you based on your hair color, skin tone and eye color. 

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*All opinions in this blog are entirely my own. Holly Doss was kind enough to include free products in my order, but that in no way affected my reviews.