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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Benefit Hello Gorgeous Oxygen Wow liquid foundation

Yes, you read that right, Benefit is coming out with a new liquid foundation! 3 years in the making, this foundation employs the use of oxygen to plump the skin, helping to fill in fine lines and smooth the skins overall appearance. It is a hydrating foundation, but also can be worn by us oily skin gals! The texture is described as that of a tinted moisturizer but it still has medium coverage. 

This product will be available in April for $34. There are 9 shades.

Photo from here.

Will you be trying this foundation when it comes out?



  1. sounds pretty interesting I don't wear foundation only concealer but i think i might get it for my mum since she's always looking for one that doesn't settle in lines, thanks for the heads up about this!

  2. oh they really needed a liquid foundation in the range- I'm curious definitely!

  3. @Crystal No problem! If I end up purchasing it, I'll definitely have a review up so keep a look out!

    @Me, my best and I I'm curious to...still looking for a holy grail foundation!