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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Self Tanning 101

With Spring making itself known and summer not to far off, I have been breaking out my self tanner. I am naturally pale and I don't tan in the sun. I burn. A lot. Even with sunblock. But even if I could tan, I would rather use a self tanning lotion or spray because as we all know, tanning in the sun or in a bed is way unhealthy and I don't even know why people still do it.

Ok, PSA over. Even though fake tanners have been around for awhile, I still know of people who use them incorrectly and end up streaky, with orange palms and elbows. If you follow these tips, you should end up with gorgeous color that no one will be able to tell is fake.

Step 1: Exfoliate!
Exfoliating before you tan is key. Since you're spreading a lotion/foam onto your skin, any dead kin cells still left on your skin will absorb most of the color. When your skin sloughs them off naturally, you will be left with a patchy, uneven tan. Any good exfoliating body wash will do the trick, or you can look in the sunblock/self tanner section at the store and find a body exfoliator. Shaving your legs before you tan is good to because the tanner will have a smooth surface to stick to, instead of a lot of hair.

Step 2: Don't moisturize
Using an in shower moisturizer or a moisturizer when you get out of the shower coats the skin, making the tanner color apply unevenly. Instead, get a moisturizer with self tanner built in. This way, you moisturize and can build up color day by day. I also like using a tanning moisturizer because you are less likely to turn orange and your elbows and knees won't turn darker than the rest of your body. Jergan's makes a good tanning moisturizer and they just came out with a new formula that includes SPF 20. 

Step 3: Keep your fingers together
When you apply the self tanner, keep your fingers together, not spread apart. This helps the tanner go on smoother and more even. Also, use circular motions and concentrate on one body area at a time. This way, you are less likely to miss spots.

Step 4: Wash your hands!
With a tanning moisturizer, your hands don't turn as orange since the color is gradual. But it is still a good idea to wash not only your palms, but in between your fingers to.

Step 5: Tan your face
I know a lot of people who use self tanner on their bodies and forget their face. Which looks like the most unnatural thing ever because your face usually tans first. I have oily, acne prone skin and I like the Jergans Natural Glow self tanner for face. It doesn't break me out and its a good daily moisturizer.

There you go! If you follow these steps, you should have a nicely tanned, summer ready body in no time!

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