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Sunday, June 10, 2012

No 'poo?!

My friend over at Almost Britain (check out her blog, its a good read) has been doing the no 'poo method of washing hair for about 8 months now and seems to have had success with it. Which got me thinking about trying it. 

What is no 'poo, you ask? It is an alternative to using shampoos and conditioners to cleanse your hair. Shampoos and conditioners are loaded with chemicals. Even ones that claim to be natural can have some chemicals in it. And since you are applying them to your scalp, those chemicals can be absorbed into your body. Basically, if you wouldn't put it in your mouth, you shouldn't put it on your skin. No 'poo usually uses baking soda diluted in water as a shampoo and either apple cider vinegar or cranberry juice or olive oil or lemon juice as a conditioner. That's it. 

Sounds scary, right? Believe me, I am horrified to try this and am still deciding if I want to or not. My hair is extremely oily and I wash it everyday because I hate the feeling of oily hair. Most no 'pooers (haha) can get away with washing their hair TWICE a WEEK! That's kind of unheard of to me. The transition period can be a bummer as well. For up to a month, you can expect greasiness, frizz and an itchy scalp while your scalp normalizes itself and the oil production. YIKES!

I might try this. I'm not sure. Although I probably wouldn't use baking soda because I color my hair and that can strip the color. I've heard that dried nettles are a good alternative and they are good for getting rid of excess sebum. Sounds good to me!

Have you gone no 'poo? Would you? Leave me a comment and let me know!

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