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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What's in my bag?

Guys, it's snowing. In October. I hate being a New Englander sometimes. But, I was really bored, so I decided to do a what's in my bag post. Hopefully I can finish this post tonight...the lights are flickering and my laptop battery literally lasts .02 seconds when not plugged in (I need a new laptop, suggestions?). So, lets get started!

...ok lost power right after I wrote that intro. But, I got it back yesterday morning! I was in Salem MA all day though so I wasn't able to finish the post. So, take two!

So this is my purse! It's from Target, part of the Converse All Star brand. I got it for $34.99. I like it because the strap is adjustable, so I can shorten it and carry it on my shoulder, which I do for daily use or lengthen the strap and carry it cross body, which I do when walking around a city or when I take the kids I nanny out on a field trip. In the first center little pocket I keep my camera. In the bigger front pocket I keep:

A comb, a Maybelline lip stain (the color rubbed off), a Clean Start lip shine, a Pixi Rose lip balm and nail clippers. The Clean Start lip shine makes my lips shiny and has little exfoliating beads in it. The other two lip products I just have, nothing exceptional.

In the big zipper pocket I have:

I have one of those Kangaroo purse pouches or whatever they're called. I hate digging through my purse looking for thing so I love it. I have an Ulta antibacterial hand lotion in the pocket on the right. I love this stuff because hand soaps usually way dry my hands out so I can use this to sanitize. I believe the red tube is a Maybelline One by One mascara. Never hurts to have a mascara on hand! I also have:

My wallet from Nine West. I have my ID, debit card, Ulta Card, Shaws Card, Charlie Card (for Boston subways, even though I go to Boston maybe twice a year), an FYE Card, my health insurance card and a CVS Card (I work at a Rite Aid...I'm a rebel). I also have my Kindle which I LOVE. My boyfriend bought it for me for my birthday and I love how compact it is so I always have something to read on hand. It has WIFI and also 3G so I can download books from basically anywhere. Right now I'm reading the Mediator series, by Meg Cabot. I really enjoyed it when I was younger so it's basically a nostalgia read. 

In the right side pocket I have:

A Blistex lip balm (in case I forget my favorite at home), a flashlight (from a recent Rocky Horror Picture Show showing at a local theatre), a Revlon lip balm (it has glitter, glitter is to big so it feels gritty, yuck), and a Clinique Chubby Stick in Cherry (love!)

And in the left side pocket:

Keys! Yeah, exciting. 

So, there is the contents of my bag! Have you tried any of the products I mentioned? Whats in your bag? Do you have a Kindle? Leave me a comment!


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